Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Big Fix

OK so Maricopa County (which is where we live for those of you out of state) has a program right now they call The Big Fix, you send in your application which you download online and for a mere $29 you can get your rabies vaccination, license AND "fix" (spay or neuter) - well, not you, but for your dog or cat. And if you already paid the outragious vet bill for the rabies shots which I did, and the outrageous license fee for un-fixed animals which I did, for the surgery only there is actually NO CHARGE. ***remember that - no charge!*** So I sent off for Zacchaeus and Hannah (Sherman is not old enough yet). It is supposed to take about 2 weeks for the vouchers to arrive. They were somewhat late. Hannah came into heat. I admonished the girls and Randy, and was very careful myself - IF HANNAH IS IN THEN ZACCHAEUS MUST BE OUT!!!!! IF HANNAH IS OUT THEN ZACCHAEUS MUST BE IN!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

So two weeks ago on Wednesday Lindsey calls me and says "Mom Hannah and Zacchaeus are stuck together, what do I do?"

How about just SHOOT YOUR MOTHER. Geez you guys, how hard is it to have one dog in, and the other one out. Lindsey claims it was Hilary. Hilary insists it was not her. And the vouchers arrived in the mail the next day. Sigh.

Anyway Zacchaeus is now fixed. He looks very strange to us without his set of purple grapes. Well, that IS what they looked like! However I am waiting on Hannah, to see what happened. I'm sorry but if there is a chance, I can't be party to an abortion... and Sherman is so stinkin' cute that any little brothers and/or sisters ought to be easy to find homes for... but I am praying that once was NOT enough for a change.

Just in case - anybody want a puppy???? Mikey you KNOW Wade wants one to ride around in the truck with him!!!!!

PS the FREE neuter cost me $57 in "mandatory" (for this vet) pain meds which are over and above what the voucher covers. In the fine print on the voucher it says to be sure and ask if there are any ancillary charges for that particular vet which will not be covered by the voucher. Lovely. But hey, without the voucher it would have been well over $200... Again, sigh!

However I will be sending off for a voucher for Sherman once he "drops"! I've paid full price often enough I don't feel bad taking advantage of this program, and I hope a lot of county residents are doing the same.


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That is a wonderful program. Before we left AZ-I found a program for cats and for $25 each got all of the boy cats neutered and a rabies shot. One hundred dollars to get 4 cats done was still cheaper than any quotes I got for just one. Talk about saving some bucks!!
And you should never feel bad about taking advantage of any program that is available-that is why they exist.
Here in SD, the Tribe brings in vet students twice a year to do a free spay/neuter weekend. That is the only way you can get most of the people around here to fix their animals.
Of course there was one of our neighbor's that took his female to be spayed and two litters later-he took her back and told them he didn't know what they took out the first time but could they please remove her overies this time-LMAO.

Sara said...

Yikes! Sure hope that she's not pregnant if you don't want her to be.

Around here, we have puppy packages where you get all your shots and license for $80. Then there's vouchers if you live in the county, that takes off $50 for neutering/spaying. Gosh it's expensive owning animals isn't it???

kdwhorses said...

Oh my! I agree don't feel bad about taking advantage of those deals, we have rabies/shots clinics in the spring here and you can get your animals spayed/neutered a special discount at certain times of the year.
Love the pics of the mare! She is beautiful!
I agree the weather is getting warmer! I think summer has finally come! It is reaching the 90s here. I finally turned on the AC yesterday!

debby said...

Oh, gosh, too funny, Cowgirl!

Susan, send me your e-mail again...I didn't put it in my address book.

Mikey said...

Ack! Don't even tell Wade if there are puppies. I don't know WHY he wants one!!! It would get eaten if he took it with him.
BECG, I laughed so hard at that last part. Whoops! lmao
I'm going to investigate this Big Fix. I'd like to get mine all licensed. We got shots and "fixing" taken care of... but no one is licensed. Guess I should do that...