Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Trip

Just a few shots of my quick trip to Eaton Rapids, Michigan for Randy's family reunion...

This is Randy's "immediate" family... his parents, siblings and their spouses and kids... wow, huh?

Same family but with great-grandma added... and this time we can actually SEE Bruce (dad)!!!

I love this shot of Bernie, Robin and their kids, in their corn field... what a NICE family and I felt really comfortable staying with them!!

Uncle Bernie and hus buddy Gunner... unfortunately he did want to cuddle with me, no matter how much I begged... but he WOULD chase a ball! Um, GUNNER that is!!!!!

Randy's cousin's wife Suzanne was kind enough to share her chihuahua pup with me... I was missing my dogs so bad, and although there were a couple where we were staying, they weren't real happy with "strangers"... this little angel was TOTALLY friendly!!!

They really throw quite a shindig... a HUGE pot luck with amazing food, and there was log-sawing, hammering, sack race, several different ball games for the kids, water balloons, a sand box with pennies for a treasure hunt for the tiny kids, and I am sure I am forgetting a bunch more...

Randy and I with our medals for winning the sack race! Not bad for a couple of old f@rts!!

I was amazed at what cousin Jen's husband did in their yard...

Flowers at Jen's... WOW!!!

Sunrise on my way to the airport to come home... although the day started and ended well (happy to be home with my critters), the in between wasn't so hot. I think in the future I will stick with Southwest Airlines, I did NOT like Allegiant Air!!!

And I am home safe!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

More pictures Randy took to replace the ones lost last year... we did a great little video last year too but although I offered to go to the park and recreate it with him, he said he had already been back there...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shipshewana Indiana

Since I left the camera in the rental car last year, I lost the pictures I took of our visit to Amish country... I did not make it back this year but Randy made sure to take some pictures for me!

So many, many big old barns!

Love this!

And here's why they have those signs!

Only in Amish country - a horse tied next to a fuel pump!

Thanks for thinking of me honey!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Got My Aspen Fix!!!!

Thanks so much to Rachelle and hubby Mike who hosted a group of us near Kindrick Park, north of Flagstaff... I have been so sad ever since the Little Elden area burned last summer, it was the best place ever to go for aspens... the trees aren't quite as big or as thick as Little Elden but wow did I EVER get my aspen fix!!!

This is our camp - made the trip with my friend Pat :)

Heading down the trail... wait... what's that I see ahead???

ASPENS!!! The first of many patches :)

Sherman leading the way

Rocket catching a quick drink at a tank

They are such good little trail doggies!!!

Another stand of aspen

This one had FERNS!

There was still snow at Snowbowl!

Sunday's trail took us through an old burn... very sad...

I took 139 pictures so if you want to see them all, you can go here:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hutch Mountain

Spent a great weekend out of the heat with my pal Lisa, camping near Hutch Mountain... thanks to Sheila for the invite!!!

We had water...

Old and new friends...


Gorgeous flowers...

And I got a double ear-cam! Sherman AND Katie :)

Not so fun to come back to the heat but it was a nice weekend :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

And The Girls Come Home :)

Meet Lola... born spring 2010

and Aspen... born December 2010

It looks as though I have another pair of zebu where one will always be hiding behind the other {sigh}
They don't seem to mind making friends with the donkeys though :)
Seriously, they are not near as skittish as the boys, in fact we herded them into the trailer at David's so when I got home I spent some time in the trailer with them, getting the halters on so I could move them to their pen... I was able to pet both of them fairly well in that small space. It's a little harder in the bigger pen but I put a chair in there and I am determined to work with them!!!