Monday, June 27, 2011

Quick Trip

Just a few shots of my quick trip to Eaton Rapids, Michigan for Randy's family reunion...

This is Randy's "immediate" family... his parents, siblings and their spouses and kids... wow, huh?

Same family but with great-grandma added... and this time we can actually SEE Bruce (dad)!!!

I love this shot of Bernie, Robin and their kids, in their corn field... what a NICE family and I felt really comfortable staying with them!!

Uncle Bernie and hus buddy Gunner... unfortunately he did want to cuddle with me, no matter how much I begged... but he WOULD chase a ball! Um, GUNNER that is!!!!!

Randy's cousin's wife Suzanne was kind enough to share her chihuahua pup with me... I was missing my dogs so bad, and although there were a couple where we were staying, they weren't real happy with "strangers"... this little angel was TOTALLY friendly!!!

They really throw quite a shindig... a HUGE pot luck with amazing food, and there was log-sawing, hammering, sack race, several different ball games for the kids, water balloons, a sand box with pennies for a treasure hunt for the tiny kids, and I am sure I am forgetting a bunch more...

Randy and I with our medals for winning the sack race! Not bad for a couple of old f@rts!!

I was amazed at what cousin Jen's husband did in their yard...

Flowers at Jen's... WOW!!!

Sunrise on my way to the airport to come home... although the day started and ended well (happy to be home with my critters), the in between wasn't so hot. I think in the future I will stick with Southwest Airlines, I did NOT like Allegiant Air!!!

And I am home safe!!!

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