Saturday, March 1, 2008

New And Improved - ???

Can you relate to this? Randy says it's because they have to deal with the lowest level of intelligence likely to use the machine... but OMG my ATM is driving me CRAZY!

A while back they decided not to use envelopes any more for deposits. Instead they scan the checks and count the cash so you have ASSURANCE that your deposit is CORRECT. It even prints little copies of the check you deposit on your receipt... which means now the receipts are all different sizes depending on what you deposit, which makes a mess in my purse/briefcase/filing box. What was so wrong with envelopes that you put everything in and stuck it in the machine? I felt plenty of assurance depositing in envelopes...

Not long ago Randy got several bills from his bank and I then proceeded to try to deposit them in my bank. The machine refused to take one of the bills. The notice said "unable to accept your currency" with no reason why... AARRGGHH!! There is nothing wrong with this bill, IT JUST CAME FROM ANOTHER BANK!!! And Walmart took it just fine... If I had an envelope to put it in, this would not be a problem.

Several times I have gone to the ATM and it can't read the check. Or it's not taking checks at all right now. Or, if I by some miracle have cash to deposit, then it's not taking cash right now. And this is better than envelopes how???

Tonight I go to the ATM with 2 checks and a few $20 bills. I put in my card and my secret number. I get several choices and choose deposit.

Now that I have chosen deposit, I have several more choices - cash, or checks, or cash AND checks. So I choose both. I am told to put in my first check. I put in the first check. The machine says it can't read the amount, so I have to enter it. So I enter it. The machine then asks, is THIS the amount? Well, DUH, machine, I just put that in, so let me see, that would be YES! THIS IS THE AMOUNT! The machine says it is processing my check.

The machine then asks do I want to deposit another check. Yes. The machine says put in my second check. I put in the second check. The machine says it can't read that one either, so I have to enter the amount. I enter the amount. The machine then asks, is THIS the amount? Again DUH machine, that IS the amount that I JUST TYPED IN!!!! So YES!!! The machine says it is processing my check.

The machine then asks do I want to deposit another check. No, I do not. The machine then says it is processing my checks. Um, excuse me but DIDN'T YOU JUST DO THAT? With each one separately?

Then it asks me to put my cash into the special drawer for cash. The drawer shuts and the machine counts my cash and asks me if this total is correct. Yes it is. The machine says it is processing my cash. The machine then asks do I want to deposit MORE cash? Um, let me think - why would I not just put all my cash in the first time? Why in the world would I want to deposit more in a separate sequence of pushing buttons? Have I not already pushed every button you have at least twice if not more? Does this make sense to anyone??? No, machine, I already gave you the cash I want to deposit!

AARRGGHH! Randy is waiting, the car is running and we have probably used a couple of gallons of fuel by now, and several other people have arrived and are standing around waiting for the ATM. And it is so kindly now "processing" for the umpteenth time. I never thought I would say this but I MISS MY ATM ENVELOPES!!!



BrownEyedCowgirls said...

Wow - how much fun is that? The only thing worse is getting a real live person who is that slow.

debby said...

You know what makes me even madder that your ATM. Verizon. We have signed up for DSL for the second time. The first time, after having our hook up delayed repeatedly, finally nearly a month after that, they decided that it wasn't available back in the woods. We received another notice to sign up for DSL. We were assured it was available in our area. It supposedly was hooked up today. We did not receive our modem. I was on the phone talking to India, who transferred me to someone else, who told me I was talking to the wrong people and gave me another number. That person told me that I had not paid for premium assistance on my bill and couldn't talk to him. I was very firm with him that this problem was to be resolved ASAP (our phone calls are not coming in to our house now, haven't since FEB 20th!) He transfers me, I stay on hold for 25dadgum minutes only to be told that their computer is down and they can't help me. I was on the phone for a total of 1 hour and 25 minutes. And got nothing. GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! (**&$^$)((+_**&%&^%. Thanks for letting me vent. Man. I have not been this mad in a long time. I really just want to kick ass. Really. How awful is that?