Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here We Go Again

Thank goodness Randy taught all of the kids where the shut-off valve is for the water lines. Had a bigger trailer hooked up to the golf cart to feed, and somebody hit a water line. I'm sure it wasn't me, because I fed Tuesday night, and Hilary said the water was not there when she fed Wednesday morning. However when she went out later in the morning, she found a lake. But she claims she did not hit the pipe. If I had hit it the night before, don't you think she would have seen the water the next morning?
This picture was taken tonight - still a lot of water.

The source of the trouble.
I got my best friend the shovel and dug out around the broken pipe - my contribution to the repair process :)
While digging I discovered a ratchet - which I guess must have been left the LAST time the pipe broke.
Randy's contribution: he brings home the pieces, and glues things back together. He says that's not his ratchet after all, so maybe the people who lived here before left it there? Although I am sure we have dug that particular pipe up at least once since we moved in...
Capped! We never use this spigot anyway... so this was easier than a complete repair.
Now to wait for the glue to dry and then turn the water back on and pray!
Oh, and the REASON why we have a bigger trailer hooked to the golf cart? SOMEONE drove the regular feeding trailer with a flat tire, for so long that it came off the rim.
Guess who did that? Not me! Hilary is on spring break so she's been feeding...


Carroll Farm said...

Oh sure blame my horse trainer. Is she that good of a scape goat that she is blamed for everything. lol

BrownEyedCowgirls said...

Well at least it was an easy fix - lol. And driving on the flat tire - I so have a brother who would do the same thing...LMAO.

Mrs Mom said...

The flat tire being driven on- yup-- I know a few (brothers of mine) who would do that too....

Nothing like a mud bath first thing in the morning, but maybe it would be a good facial? ;)