Saturday, March 8, 2008

Carriage Manor Days

Today we drove to Carriage Manor RV Park in Mesa to participate in their Carriage Manor Days parade.
Susie Q - pretty in pink!
Clementine with her orange bow
All dressed up and waiting to go.
Holly and Ozzie

My new buddy Samantha and her family with Becky Lynn.
Holly and her "Pebbles" hairdo

Peggy Sue looking good in blue
Here are some of the other horses that were in the parade:
Talk about ingenuity!
The clown with his pony :)

These ponies did NOT like my critters at all! They were wide-eyed and dancing sideways as they walked past us!
These two were hilarious. I don't know how they did it, but they made these horses "poop" candy!!
Yes, iron horses too!
After the parade Clementine and I hitched a ride with Rick in his golf cart, over to the grassy area where we had a little "petting zoo" time.
Lots of people came to pet and get pictures and ask questions.
Clementine was little miss popular!
Too much excitement for such a tiny girl - Clementine was pretty pooped!


Mikey said...

That last picture made me laugh! Poor Clementine! But she was so adorable!! I bet she was the hit of the parade :) and what an awesome experience for her!

Kris said...

Great pics! Loved all the babies dressed up! Clementine was too cute! I am sure she took a nap!

Donia said...

Oh my goodness! Those mini donks are too cute!! I just LOVE seeing them all dressed up! Give each and every one of them a hug from me, OK?