Saturday, March 15, 2008

My New Ride

For the last two years I have been risking my life every day by driving a POS pop-can of a car... a 1995 Ford Escort station wagon.
The radio was original, the speakers going out, rattles everywhere, upholstery coming apart, seatbelt only worked half the time... you name it. And if someone had hit me while I was driving that thing, I doubt I would have survived. But I put up with it in an effort to save wear and tear on my big truck, and for fuel economy. But the truck is finally paid off so I will suffer no more. Instead, I'm riding in style.
Our salesman trying to get out of the picture!

Randy watches him put on the temporary plate so we can drive away.

Isn't it purty? Probably won't look like this for long since we live in the dirt...

Here are a couple of good pictures I took the next morning and added:

I will probably never even use half the bells and whistles this thing has. Wow. Wonder if I will be able to sleep tonight with this big grin on my face :)


debby said...


debby said...

I was thinking though. This is not your favorite ride, correct?

PaintedPromise said...

Weeelllllll... ok correct, it doesn't ahve hooves after all! But it's making me really happy right now ;)

debby said...

Oh my gosh. I was telling my husband about this last night, and he said, "Well, I hope she doesn't think you're being obscene or something." I said, "No, she'll understand that I was referring to horses, not her husband." AND THEN I LAY THERE WORRYING ABOUT IT!

I am very glad to see that you understood.

Mikey said...

Sweeeeet!! Awesome new ride :)
You lucky dog!

Kris said...

Sweet new ride!! Congrats~!!!!