Saturday, March 22, 2008

My New Horse

I just fed everyone a carrot so they were mobbing me, but behind Destiny and Luna, can you see a blonde head?

There he is peeking over butts.
Luna introducing herself.
Fred wondering if I have any more carrots... get out of the way Fred, I am trying to take pictures!
There he is, shining in the sun - meet Cimarron!
OK I am just kidding, he is not MY horse. Cimarron belongs to our friends Ronnie and Sondra, they also have a mare expecting a foal and due to the layout of their yard were worried Cimarron might hassle the mare so he is visiting. He also needs to learn to be a horse, in a herd, because before they got their mare a few months ago, he was an only horse for several years. And since his daddy spoiled him (right Ronnie???) the girls will be giving him some "riding lessons" as well. Once they ride him down a bit, I'd like to get on... but we'll see how my trainers do first! (For a preview, go to The Horseshoeing Housewife and see her blog for today, Lindsey is my 18-year-old.)

For a few days he will stay in the small pen meeting the herd over the fence. Then we will try turning him loose and hopefully by then no one will want to kick the snot out of anyone else. We've used this method successfully for years - only once has a horse not been accepted.


oldmanlincoln said...

I got here from the horse shoeing housewife and enjoyed the post with the pictures. I like your blog and the way you guys treat horses. Nice post.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

Kris said...

Great post! He is a cutie! Saw Lindsey on at Mikey's! She did a great job, you must be so proud!