Wednesday, March 12, 2008


What would we do without it? Well today I found out. The answer, at least for me, is GO CRAZY!

Today I get to work to find the internet down. This is NOT good. I can't do ANYTHING anymore without the internet... got me started thinking, wow, only a few years ago it wouldn't have been a problem. Now, what would we do without our computers, cell phones, etc. ? There is now so much information available at our fingertips... IF the internet is not down!!!

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Carroll Farm said...

I hear you. It is sad though. It comes at a cost in lots of ways. Just look at the youth of today. Most of them can't function with out internet and video games. The don't know that there is a world of fun stuf to do right outside. That why I have the animals and not video games at my house and my kids can't use the computer at home unless it is for education. We are mean huh.