Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A "Pupdate"

OK, well, an update on the pup. His eyes are open!

Yesterday he and Clementine were 3 weeks old.
He's starting to walk pretty good.
Love that white tip on his tail :)
His face markings are really coming in now.
Darci is so excited that he is almost ready to start playing with her...

Randy still won't commit to actually keeping him BUT - he did give the pup a name. We decided to save the first name for a bigger dog that we plan to get one down the road when Tank needs a relief man. So this one will be "Sherman", after Colonel Sherman Potter from M*A*S*H - he lived a long time, survived three wars and a lifetime of military service, he was a little guy, and he was a good guy. Here's hoping our Sherman will live up to that!


Kris said...

Well Sherman is very handsome and getting so big! Love his markings!

Mikey said...

oh please. Randy isn't fooling anyone :)
Once you name them, it's over....
That man is a big softie :) Gotta love him

debby said...

What a little butter ball! Puppies are just the cutest darn things.