Friday, March 28, 2008

Cheaper By The Dozen?

One can only hope... you see my wonderful husband, who said there were too many dogs when we only had eight, decided suddenly that Darci needed a puppy to keep her company. (She is the only one of our dogs that is too small to be let out alone without human supervision. Right now Hannah's pup Sherman is inside with her but that won't last forever... he is growing...)

To be fair, Randy is really truly searching ads on Craigslist etc. etc. for a pup for his grandma... but she wants a short-haired Chihuahua and lo and behold what does he find but a very affordable LONG-haired Chihuahua...

Meet Vada (on the right):

See Darci lurking? She sneaks in after they are done eating and scarfs up the crumbs. She doesn't really need the food but there's not much left and if she cleans up the mess, I don't have to ;)
Sorry so many pictures of them eating but when they are awake that's the only way to get them to hold still!
A view of both pups from the top for comparison. Sherman doesn't look much bigger but he weighs twice what Vada weighs! He is 3 days older, born February 11 and Vada was born February 14.
I tried for a close-up but it didn't turn out that great:
She looks EXACTLY like her mother... her father was red, with less hair and a bit smaller than mom, so I am hoping there is some of him in there somewhere!

And if the name Vada sounds familiar to you... you probably saw the movie "My Girl".


I'm Mikey said...

Too cute!
Have you looked on
Sometimes they have little dogs on there, and they are days away from euthanasia. So sad. I have to stay off there. Last time there was a nice dog named Mikey. I had to restrain myself from running down to the shelter

Tracey said...

Hee Hee...I ought to send City Boy here to see that comment on 'only eight dogs', rofl! He's complaining about me wanting to add another lamb, and we've only got seven!

Carroll Farm said...

I almost can't handle the 4 we have! But I am glad that there is a friend to play with. See ya'round