Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet Sunshine

Just a few months ago I had a gal wanting to trade two of my bigger mini mares for her smaller one. We had been trying to cut back for some time and not having any luck selling the last two. Randy agreed that trading two bigger appetites for one smaller one was at least progress, so we did the trade and Sunshine came to live with us.

Being so much smaller than my "original" girls, Sunshine can go along for indoor visits at the retirement homes and care centers as well, where the bigger girls had trouble maneuvering around the furniture and such. And now with Ozzie (black) and Holly (sorrel) and Sunshine, I can say I have a brunette, a redhead and a blonde!

She's a bit "stocky" but we are working on that!

The big palomino checking out the little one - or, Destiny says "hey, you are the same color as I am!"
She's already done one birthday party. Here she's anxious to get busy.
Under that red cowboy hat is one very happy cowgirl!

I have found over the years that you meet a lot of really nice people through the horses. The gal I got Sunshine from had not gotten her papers updated, and when I got to looking at things, apparently the man she had gotten Sunshine from hadn't either! Her registration was still in the name of her original breeder, Joan Solheim. With the help of some folks I know in the mini club, I got hold of Joan's phone number and called her to explain the situation. She said to bring the horse and paper over and she would try to help, and last weekend I had the opportunity to visit with Joan and get her papers straightened out.

I also got to meet Sunshine's sire, Sir Elegant. He is now 27 years old and such a sweet little old man...