Monday, March 31, 2008

A Day Of Rest - NOT!

Yesterday's blog was only the first 2 hours of my day. After riding with Lindsey and Junior I came home and unsaddled, fed all the horses, donkeys and mules, turned the water on to fill the pasture trough, fed the outside dogs and went in to feed the inside dogs and eat breakfast myself. After breakfast talked Lindsey into trimming Clementine while I held her before she went to work (Lindsey's faster than I am). Clem wasn't so sure about that whole deal, but soon figured out that if she quit kicking the snot out of me held still, we got done quicker. Clem's new parents Chuck and Jill had come by so they got to watch... such nice folks, I couldn't be more pleased for my sweet little girl. After they left I was going to leave to pick up some hay but before I did, I realized that I left the water on in the pasture trough - I thought only the kids did that {sigh}. Ran all the way to the back to find a lake, mostly in the neighbor's yard though {oops...}

Back to the plan, ran up to one of my favorite feed stores to pick up hay and some supplements, and check the donation canister Matt so kindly keeps next to his cash register. Tried to buy a dog toy too but they didn't put it on the bill... ran into Nate (one of our adopters) who of course had to give me a ration... wouldn't be Nate if he didn't! Among other things he razzed me about my backing skills... well it's a brand new vehicle and a "new" (used) trailer I hadn't ever used before... so I was a little rough the first time, but backing up to the second stack of hay I was perfect! So there, Nate! Yes, the Jeep is already being used for ranch chores {gasp}.
Grab a quick bite (the trip to Wickenburg is always a good excuse to hit the KFC for a chicken pot pie YUM) and back home to clean out the hay barn AGAIN and unload the hay. Robyn my wonderful part-time helper showed up in time to clean stalls while I worked on the barn, then helped me finish the barn and unload the hay. Then it was time for us to catch Foxy and Sunshine and it was off to a birthday party - the second one for this 6-year-old, we did her 4th birthday too! Aren't my girls adorable...
Foxy above, Sunshine below, all dressed up and ready to go!
Ran by WalMart on the way home for dog food and cat food - why do we run out of food for everyone at once??? Turned the girls back out with the herd, put away the saddles etc., discover that Austin the mini stallion has turned himself out with the BIG horses... put a stop to THAT real quick! Hey now boy, pick on someone your OWN size!

While I was gone Randy and our friend Josh got half the new patio cover done, but the wind got so bad they had to quit before someone got hurt... Hilary got home from work about the time Robyn left, the wind canceled her plans to ride Cimarron as well, so she and Randy went target shooting across the road while my idea was to get caught up on downloading pictures from the day... but first I went outside with the camera for a while.
Meet one of our fish. You can tell it's getting hot because you can't see the rest of them...
Took a ton of pictures that will probably all show up here sooner or later...
Like these - I am so happy to see new green shoots coming up on the bamboo I planted Easter Sunday, it means I didn't wait too long and kill them!

Ended up out back to discover Hilary's mare Destiny with her front shoe caught in the fence AGAIN - this mare REALLY wants to break her leg, I swear! So while Hilary fed, Randy and I did a bang-up repair job on the fence - LOL, well, we did the best we could with what we had. Come on tax refund, we need to buy a roll of wire (or two), this fence has had it!
Inside to download more pictures, shower, eat dinner and BLOG...

WHERE did Sunday go???

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Wow - I feel extremely lazy now...Thanks-LOL.
That is one nice appy Lindsey is training. She looks really good riding him. I bet you won't have him long when you put him on the market.