Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My OTHER Daughter, The Horse Trainer (Too)

Hilary was going to ride Cimarron over the weekend but the wind was blowing like crazy here so we decided better safe than sorry... Monday night it was calm so she got the boy out and saddled him up. Worked him him the round pen a bit until he was paying attention and then I held my breath while she mounted. It was almost a let-down, he just stood perfectly still!

He did try a few little crow-hop/kicking out things, of course they were so quick I couldn't catch them with the camera. But she soon had him behaving inside the round pen...

So she had me open the gate and away they went. He did spook at a few things in the yard but overall not bad. He wanted to go to his friends in the pasture but had to behave himself.
Hilary says he has a really nice collected lope, but the transition from trot to lope is a bit awkward. Reminds me of my first horse, he had the same trouble. We decided it must be the difference in changing gaits with a rider... and Cimarron doesn't seem to want to flex his neck when asked to turn - he turns his whole body with his head straight out in front. So now she has some ideas on what to work on.
She is smiling though!
Once she dismounted, I was smiling too - no ER visit!!

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Carroll Farm said...

Why would she have an Er visit. I only hire the best trainers and she still is aloud to come back.