Monday, April 21, 2008

Box Canyon with Randy

I enjoyed riding Box Canyon so much last weekend that Saturday morning I took Randy out there with his Pro-Hauler. First we hit The Cowboy Cafe in Wickenburg for a yummy breakfast.
Two eggs scrambled with cheese and green chiles, extra crispy hash browns and a biscuit with gravy... are you hungry yet?
I was amazed at how much the water had gone down in just a week, the second "river crossing" was quite wet last week and totally dry on Saturday. In fact we found the water disappearing into the sand at the point where we rode into the river bottom, which is quite a ways upstream from the crossing. The Hassayampa becomes an underground river right here: I stood at the same spot and turned around to take this picture, and you can't see any water...
Randy enjoyed seeing "The Box" ... and pointed out something I missed last week. Looking out from The Box

Then we headed on upstream...

Ran into some water elves along the way
And some cactus doing hand signals - can you figure out what they are saying?

Unfortunately the vehicle did not enjoy the water as much as the horses did last week... apparently sucked some up the air intake and that was not good (the extent of my mechanical knowledge lol).
So we headed back downstream to find the first road that led out so we could get out of the river bottom and take the road home. Along the way we met a truck and 2 Jeeps. Hey truck, wanna play chicken???

Well, we tried to take the road home. We drove and drove and drove on washboard roads until every cell in my body was rearranged... just kidding, but it was pretty bumpy! So much that I didn't bother getting the camera back out... Made several attempts that turned into dead-ends but finally found our way through.
SSHHHH don't tell Randy but I enjoyed Box Canyon more on horseback!

But it WAS a nice time spent with him and he really enjoyed it which was the whole point after all!!!


debby said...

Oh, I am envious.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

The concessions we make for our non-horsey husbands(in your case a sidelined one)...But it is worth it to get that one on one time.
I definately have to ride this the next time I get to Arizona. It looks like a great ride.

Kris said...

I agree if I am ever in AZ I want to check out the Box! Glad you got to spend some time with hubby!