Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today Hilary and I participated in a De-Spooking Clinic, me with Luna, Hilary with our guest Cimarron. It was not like we thought it would be, but the purpose made a lot of sense once it was explained. Most likely none of the "obstacles" on the course would we run into out on a trail ride, BUT the point was, to take a horse that was afraid of something, and work it through. The point wasn't WHAT it was afraid of, but HOW you worked it through. So we can now take what we learned out on the trail with us and work them through anything scary they find out in the world.

Here is my friend Linda with her horse Logan, refusing to cross the "bridge". (She kept working on him and he did eventually walk on it but I was elsewhere.)

Hilary and Cimarron, he is also refusing the cross the "bridge".
It took a few minutes of circling but he did finally go over. Of course the tiny delay on the camera meant I missed him actually ON the bridge...
One of the biggest monsters of the day was the "tarp curtain" - especially with the wind we had, those strips were whipping every which way...
Cimarron going through the tarp curtain.
This white tarp was rubbed and dragged all over him and he did real well with it!
Me with a camera in one hand and a lead-line in the other didn't get many pictures of Luna but she did, after a few tries, walk ON the bridge... and even stood still long enough for me to back up and get her picture! And in the background you can see another gal working with her horse on the blowing blue tarp...

All in all a very successful day!

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Sara said...

It's really neat that they have clinics like that. I'm jealous, I want a big horse! Ok, maybe only sometimes. 2 little ones are a handful, and I'm twice their size. :)

I think the palomino is just gorgeous. Is that your daughter's horse?