Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged by Josh at Carroll Farm. It is a new kind of tag that I have not yet seen.


1. Answer the questions about the list of friends and family that you have on your blog.

2. If you don't have that number answer the question about the next name that you have not had a question for on your list.

3. Tag your friends and family.

How did you meet the first person on your list?

The first person on my list is Mikey (The Horseshoeing Housewife). I met her when she was referred as a farrier, at a time we desperately needed one because the guy we had for 9 years (count them 9!) up and moved out of state without a word - and without his wife! Can you say midlife crisis? Anyway we have become friends and I think she is wonderful. And it is her fault this blog exists because she nagged me until I did it!

What do you like about the third person on your list?

Shari's artwork is awesome and she was very sweet in helping me arrange a horse portrait for a friend who lost her horse.

What do you like best about the fifth and sixth people on your list?

The fifth person on my list is "Chick" (Jason For The Love Of God). What I like about her is what a good mom she is to her kids and her sense of humor. The sixth person on my list is Jen (Copenhagen Kisses) and what I like about her is the great pictures she takes and again her sense of humor - and of course the fact that she is a horse person :)

How long have you known the eighth person on your list.

The eighth person on our list is a blog friend (On the Shores of Carpenter Creek). I haven't known her long at all, I found her through Mikey's blog list and enjoyed the blog so much I added it to my own list :) so just a few months.

What impresses you most about the eleventh and twenty-second people on your list.

The eleventh person on my list is Donia (Small Wonders Farm). I am impressed by her love of animals of all kinds. The twenty-second person on mylist is my friend Kim who I have known since high school. The thing that impresses me the most about her is that she keeps on going despite her health problems, and that she is so creative.

What is your best memory with the twenty-third person on your list.

My favorite memories with the twenty-third person on my list, which is Nate and Lisa, is all the time we have spent together since they adopted two minis through our rescue, and Nate always hassling me.

Say something nice about the twenty-seventh person on your list.

Like Carroll Farm I don't have a twenty-seventh person. According the the rules I believe the next in line is #2 which is Katie (Saving Argus). And there is not enough things nice to say about Katie no matter how much time or space I had. All you have to do to understand is go back to the beginning of her blog and read what she had done for Argus. Katie is one of my heroes!

I tag Debby of Life is Funny Like That :) who is on my list but just happened NOT to be one of the numbers I was supposed to write about. Darn it. I like Debby a ton and wish I could have said something about her...


debby said...

Ooh. Thanks. I was just sitting here trying to figure out what to write about. You saved my...er...jeesh. I sure hate saying 'ass' around you. I really think your donkeys are adorable.

I'm Mikey said...

Aww, you're so sweet! We love you too :) And we LOVE your blog, that's how we keep up. When can we expect to see Linds and Junior out and about at some events? She could come herd roping steers :)