Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Junior's Second Ride Out

Lindsey asked if I would go for another ride with her and Junior on Sunday at 6:30. I said Nope because Mary is picking me up at 7 for the Box Canyon Ride (see Monday's post) but I can go at 5:30 for an hour. After much whining she capitulated.

When I stepped out of the house Sunday morning and saw this:
I was wondering if I was crazy. Someone else was wondering if I was crazy too:

Katie was SO not happy to be riding BEFORE BREAKFAST!!! (Wait until she finds out this is her first of THREE rides today!)

Once we were out though, it was sure a nice morning!
Can't see much of Junior as the sun was coming up - FINALLY!
There he is! Lindsey actually got him loping a few steps to follow Katie but I was forced to shut her down as she was full of herself and started BUCKING! Sorry but I am WAY TOO OLD to be bucked before breakfast!!
Crossing a ditch... thought he would leap but he didn't!
I know I said it before but I will say it again: Someone is going to get a REALLY nice horse when this guy is sold!


I'm Mikey said...

Awesome!!! Love the pics! Linds is doing SO GOOD w/him, that girl has a set of big ones :) He is a nice horse though, definitely. Glad she's doing the work with him and I'm already recommending her to other folks to ride their horses.
I can't believe you get up before dark to ride. Are you nuts? Aren't you TIRED???
Well, you inspired me and Cathy, we're heading up to Box at noon today for a quick jaunt up the sand. I've never been there, how sad is that? Will post on it tonight. Tell Linds I said GOOD JOB!!!

Kris said...

Wow, what a beautiful morning to be riding! That and late in the evening are such peaceful times to ride. Lindsey is doing a great job with the horse!
Bucking before breakfast?!?! How dare they!??!?!