Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Another Friday

Dropped Katie and Destiny off at Fearless Farrier Service/Haul-In Horseshoeing this morning along with the trailer... then off to work. Took off early to get the truck through emissions. (It passed with flying colors whew! I ALWAYS worry about that...) Went back to pick up horses and no Wade and the gate is locked... called Mikey, she was just around the corner waiting for Mercy's bus so came and let me in. Big excitement with a kid who didn't get off the bus and then a dog that disappeared out of the truck... wondering if that will make her blog today! Hilary has visitation at dad's, Lindsey is off to Country Thunder so I got to feed and then our big Friday night was dinner at KFC and grocery shopping! Since nothing worth photographing went on, thought you might like to see Sherman's papa as a youngster...

We named him Zacchaeus because he was supposed to be no more than 5 pounds - a "wee little man" (remember your Sunday School songs?)
One of his favorite toys.
Figueing out the steps.
Being attacked by his sister Bugs.
All that playing makes a thirsty boy!
Zacchaeus and his horsies...
And all grown up...
Pretty darn cute himself huh? Between mama and papa, Sherman can't help but be a great dog.


Sara said...

Sounds like you had a busy day. :)

Your little one sure is cute! Almost makes me want a puppy again. Lol

Sara said...

I take it back...I don't want a puppy! I just got stuck with 3 newborn kittens. :(

I'm Mikey said...

Aww, he's such a cutie. And a vicious lil guy too. Never forget him tearing Tanner a new one :)
Found my dog, apparently I had left her at home. One of those days where you can't remember who you had where and when. It's hell trying to keep track of everyone! lol. Least I found the most important one, Mercy :)