Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dogs, Dogs, And More Dogs

Miscellaneous Cuteness!

Blogging the other day, looked down and this is what I saw (Darci and Vada):
Darci and Sherman playing tug-of-war with the puppies' new rope toy
My fingers trying to get a cute face shot of Vada...
Sherman's ears deciding whether to stand up... or not!

Sherman in daddy's favorite position - on his back with his belly ready for rubbin'
Darci and Sherman again
Sherman and his mama Hannah

This one really got me... my toe as Vada's pillow :)
Grace, Shasta and Tank all vying for attention
Shasta and Hannah
Vada again!
We get lots of puppy love around here :)


Kris said...

AWWW! Very cute pics of the dogs! As I am typing right now my dog is laying on the bed, but has her paw touching my leg! YOu can't say we are not loved!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

OMG-Are they cute or what...

debby said...

You know, Sherman would have probably fit pretty nicely in that box......

What a cute batch o' dogs.