Thursday, April 17, 2008

Deja Vu

OK I hope I am not boring you but I just HAVE to post some more pictures from the De-Spooking Clinic we attended last Saturday. The pictures I posted that night were the ones I took myself. Now that a few days have passed and the "official photographer" has posted his pictures, he got some really nice ones of me and Luna. (One of our members kindly volunteered his time and camera - Joe has established quite a reputation for himself as a truly awesome photographer!) So, here we are:

First the horse-eating tarp curtain

The bridge:

The tarp and barrel:

I am one proud grandma :)

If I ever get on this horse I think she is going to be a great ride!

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Kris said...

Great pics, great job with the horse! That is such a great thing for people to do with there horses. There are alot of people here that do not desensitize there horses and have LOTS of probs with them. I am always doing some kind of training/torture (I mean desenzitation!) on our horses! Hubby built a bridge, I pull barrels, logs, tarps, etc. You name it I will try it and work with our horses! THe biggest Ugh oh our horses have is the umbrella! They are alot better, but I always have it with me!