Monday, April 14, 2008

Riding Box Canyon

AZBCR had a great ride in Box Canyon on Sunday, I enjoyed it so much that I hope to take Randy and his Pro-Hauler back this coming weekend so he can experience it as well. I was so sad to hear him say that unless the VA can do something about his back, he probably won't be horseback riding any more :(
Heading up the canyon
The rest of the bunch following behind
Shirley and her mare Meleah
Teresa and Apache
Through the huge trees to get a look at the actual "Box"
Inside the "box" looking up
Lots of water right now!
This is Linda and her mare Kate. Kate likes to straddle a bush and scratch her belly by shifting her weight side to side and front to back - sure wish I had video for this one, it was HILARIOUS! Use your imagination...
Wickenburg in the distance
My friend Mary's horse Buck - isn't he handsome (sorry it's sideways, I fixed it on my computer but it still came through sideways here!)
Can you say "hot dog"?


I'm Mikey said...

Looks gorgeous! Where did you park to ride up there? I've never been, thinking of going

Pony Girl said...

Oh my goodness, these pics make me long for summer and trail riding!! Enjoyed browsing your blog, the de-spooking clinic looked great, I would like to get a tarp out and start some exercises with my gelding.

Callie said...

Wow, looks like a beautiful and a lot of fun!

Callie said...

oops "ride"