Friday, April 4, 2008

Salt Lake City - Day Two

Slept great despite being in a strange place and woke up ready to ride :) First we dropped the grand-dogs off at the groomer, then headed to Antique Acres, where my grand-horse Smoke lives.
Smoke turned out before the ride

This is a couple of shovel birds that live at the stable. Guess what we are making next Randy :)
This sign is out on the street. Had to get a picture, loved that bottom sign...
George and Christa were kind enough to loan me a horse and tack. "Pepper" is just like my Paint Mare except for color so I had a great ride...
We rode up into the mountains and looking back could see the WHOLE valley, it was amazing.
Andria and Smoke

George on River, and Christa on Tuscany, heading up the hill
There was still patches of snow here and there but the creeks were running pretty hard from the spring melt.
Andria got a shot of me and Pepper
Then Christa took some of us together

George and River, heading back
We rode longer than Andria had planned and Spencer got off work early so we quick picked up the grand-dogs who are now very soft and sweet-smelling, dropped them at home and went to eat Indian food. I was thinking American Indian (frybread YUM) but it was India Indian - which I'd never eaten before. So I followed Andria's example for what to order. Whatever you choose, you can ask for it to be mild, medium, hot or extra hot. After a discussion about how I like my Mexican food a little spicy, we all got medium except for Spencer who got extra hot. At home I generally dip my appetizers in good old ranch but the choices here were a kinda spicy green stuff, and reddish-purple stuff that was sweet... started with the green but quickly switched to the purple which was really good, even on the onion-ring type things and the spinach stuff. Don't ask me names, they were all Indian and I don't speak that! The spiciness of the green appetizer dip should have been my first clue... The dinner was Chicken Vindaloo, I remember that... and the first bite was good but after that I was wishing I had asked for MILD! Spencer was sweating and turning red but lovin' it... hoo boy not me!!! There was a flat bread with garlic that was pretty awesome too, but I think my favorite part was the ice cold water! An interesting experience!

Back at home the "kids" are playing Guitar Hero and Rock Star. Me, I'm just watching, wondering when I got so darned old...


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sounds good. I am not experienced in ordering Indian food either, but what I have had with someone else's help, I have really liked. Their idea of "medium" spicy is a lot different than what we are used to huh?

debby said...

Sounds like you're having fun.

And you are not old.