Monday, March 24, 2008

Cimarron Gets Acquainted

Our general practice is to keep the "new" horse in a small pen adjacent to where the herd hangs out so they can get to know each other safely over the fence for a few days before being turned out together. However apparently the herd had a different idea...

Hilary went out to feed this morning and this is what she found:
The gate to Cimarron's pen was removed from the hinges... actually I'm not surprised the way all the girls were flirting with Mr. Handsome... so Hilary put him in another small area we have adjacent to the "arena"... here's Katie making sure he's not lonely!
When I got home tonight Hilary and I thought we would let Cimarron out for a bit while we were there to supervise, since he spent at least part of the night out with everyone and it seemed to go ok. Fred LOVES Cimarron...
Not sure the feeling is mutual though
Hilary was going to go ahead and ride a bit since I was home but we quickly realized that we forgot to get Cimarron's bridle from Ronnie on Saturday, so instead he had a bit of round-penning. First he thought he would exit without using the gate
but he quickly got the idea of what he was being asked to do

Good boy Cimarron
Look how good he follows without a lead

Tomorrow I will get the bridle from Ronnie... but Hilary has to work.

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