Sunday, March 9, 2008

Six... Six... Six... TWENTY!

That title will make no sense to you without the story behind it. See about a year ago I joined a local website, Arizona Back Country Riders and started making a ton of new horsey friends. Early on I tried to host a few rides from my place, and it seemed like each time I did, there were six people. Even the one I did just a few months ago, might have been eight or so. I call them "no-frills" rides because the terrain out here is pretty flat, although there are enough little washes and low hills to keep the ride interesting.

So a few weeks ago I posted again to try and have a ride out from my place. This time my neighbor Melanie who is now on this site as well suggested we do a pot luck barbecue afterward. So much for a "no-frills" ride huh? But we ended up having a fantastic turnout, 20 riders and several non-riding spouses and guests. The ride was great, the food was wonderful, and we can't wait for the next one!

I didn't get my camera out, hosting was enough, but some of the other folks took pics and posted them on the site so here's the link:;start=all

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