Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Serving Up Leftovers

I told you that Sunday before last (not Easter) I had a really busy day... well besides what you have already heard about, I also had a gal by the name of Robyn come out for the first time, she had advertised for a job on AZBCR and although I neither need nor can I afford full time help, which is what she was looking for, we talked and agreed that until she found something, it would be helpful for both of us if she came out part time. I told her, I won't make you rich, but I won't work you to death either... well Robyn cleaned all the pens so I could get some other stuff done, it was wonderful. Then, I asked her if she wanted to tag along team sorting, which she did.

And we got lucky, because the weather was pretty nasty and looking to get worse, there was only one other team when we arrived, so we got some pretty solid cow work in before the storm rolled in.

Robyn and Paint Mare - Robyn had never done this before so she first had to learn to cut a cow away from the herd...

Guarding the gate
Getting better with every try
Letting the right cow through
Those clouds were getting darker and darker...
Since one of the gals on the other team was Mikey's friend Kathy that she rides with a lot, we "knew" each other enough that I felt comfortable asking her to take the camera so I could actually be in some pictures. She caught some good shots...

Katie getting a cow

Following 8, right through the gate...
Sending the cow through as Robyn and Paint Mare head out for the next one
Katie just loves this!
Except when it's her turn to stand at the gate - she is ready for the next cow!
After a good solid hour of playing with the cows, it started to sleet, so we wise women packed it in and headed home (where of course there was not a drop of rain - sigh!)

Now come on, admit it, how many of you read the title of this post and thought I was going to talk about food???


Mikey said...

Awesome pics, wish I had come down! Katie does look like she loves it! And it was nice of you to let Robyn come along too, looks like she had a good time :)

debby said...

Being as how I'm serving up leftovers (making turkey soup in one crock pot, split pea soup in the other), yeah. I thought you were talking about food.

Kris said...

Great job! Looks like you all had fun, despite the weather!