Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weird Weather

Last Sunday riding I got sunburned, and was really hot before we got back. Today it was icy wind and frozen rain. So much happened today, and I took so many pictures, that it would probably blow up the blog to post it all at once, so I will start with early in the day and with luck I can "cheat" and get a week's worth of blogging out of just today ;)

I woke up at 4 (anyone my age or older can easily figure out why) and tried to go back to sleep but Randy was snoring and wouldn't stop. I gave up and got up for good about quarter of five. Let the horses out while it was still dark to play weedeater, came back in for a quick bite and still was outside in time for some sunrise shots of the storm rolling in.

Looking northwest toward Wickenburg

and looking west a little further south

Looking east

That's a teaser, more tomorrow :)


Mikey said...

Nice sunrise pics!!

debby said...

So it's tomorrow. Some of us are waiting here....

PaintedPromise said...

Debby i have time at work to type my blog sometimes, but can't add the pictures till i get home. and when the girls are gone to dad's or working, i have to feed everybody first... i'm happy if i get the blog done before midnight so it's got the right date on it! remember, patience is a virtue lol