Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cheering Up Barb

Today I paid a visit to my friend Barb in Camp Verde. Barb is a recent widow and the week after the funeral she slipped on ice while feeding and badly sprained her ankle. Tough times call for a tough friend (hah! more like marshmellow as soon as I see her new pups) to come cheer you up!

Anyway upon arrival the first thing we had to do was check out the pups, now 5 weeks old. I am madly in love with Scooter, their daddy. He is a TINY little guy. I've known him since he wasn't much bigger than his babies. For some reason I did not get a good picture of him today.
This is him checking out his 3 sons.

Mama and her 3 boys. Yes all boys. Her first litter was a single pup and it was a boy too. Randy said I could have a pup if I got a girl. Figures...

Two of the pups cuddling.

This little guy says "Hey Mama! Whatcha eatin'???"

Munchkin the mama

A closeup of one pup. Aren't they just adorable... and my dear wonderful amazing friend Barb said in a year or so, when Darci is old enough, I can have some Scooter sperm :) - would the result of that be a Yorkhuahua? Or a Chi-kie?

Barb wanted to show how small they are so she got a couple of coffee mugs from the kitchen... Munchkin wasn't sure what to think of pups in cups...
Barb and one pup.

After playing with the pups we went to a great little local Mexican food restaurant for lunch. Burrito Verde is what I had, yum yum!!! I ate so much I didn't even need dinner tonight!

Then we went for a ride. Barb was grinning from ear to ear, she hasn't been able to ride much lately.

And this is me, riding Howard's mare Blaze. What a blast! This girl is a Tennessee Walker and she can MOVE - and while she is moving, I don't much, which is such a nice ride...

Barb offered to get a better picture of me and Blaze. Wow, what a horse. My Paint Mare is a big girl, but kinda lazy. Riding her is like sitting on a couch. Blaze, on the other hand, feels about like an electric chair... she is fired up and ready to roll!

About now Blaze was tired of posing for pictures and ready to get back to the business of riding.

Saw this patch on the way up this morning so on the way home, I watched for it and pulled over for a quick photo opp.

Spring has sprung!
Thanks Barb for letting me come up. It was a great day and we will do it again soon!!


Mikey said...

ooooo heavens they are cute!!! Don't let me near them..
Nice looking horse you're riding there too :)
Love the flowers, you're right, spring has certainly sprung!

BrownEyedCowgirls said...

Oh-I miss AZ in the spring. I gotta make sure Megan doesn't see this post-she will go gaga over those puppies.

Kris said...

Oh how cute are they! Glad you got to visit her and you both had a great time! Looking great on the horse! Love the flowers! Doesn't feel like spring here today! It is raining, windy and cold!