Friday, February 29, 2008

Katie The Cow Horse

Well I forgot my darn camera and Melanie was taking great pictures until she erased them all... so you will have to make mental pictures. Katie is our Spotted Saddle Horse, our only gaited horse. Tonight she and I went team sorting. What a blast! Now I know that Paint Mare will do cows, but Katie hasn't even seen many.

You sure couldn't tell by her behaviour! Point her at a cow and tell her to get him, and away she went. Push him through the gate and stop and guard while our teammates Mary and Buck went after the next one. Then it was our turn again... it was amazing! All I had to do was put her nose on a cow and she took it from there.

The only bad thing is we started at 7pm and they were still going strong when we left at 10pm... and my usual bedtime is 9pm!

But we will definitely have to do this again! Gotta get Randy back on that mare so he can play with cows too :)

Hhmmm, wonder if the minis will let us use them for practice?!?


Kris said...

It is addicting isn't it! It is such a blessing when you have a horse with cow to it! Looking forward to seeing pics next time!

Jen said...

Oh I cant wait til it's warmer to sort!!
Isnt that the greatest when a horse naturally goes after what it's born to do!