Thursday, February 21, 2008

I've Been Tagged Again!

Actually for the same subject, 5 top pet peeves, by both CarrollFarm (Josh/Lacy) and Life's Funny Like That (Debby).

So here you go:

#1 - Right this minute I would have to say computer generated solicitation calls. Because I get at least one a day at work, and usually more. Especially those that begin with a phrase which includes the term "very important" or "urgent". I mean get real. If it REALLY was very important or urgent, there would be a REAL HUMAN BEING on the phone, not a computer.

#2 - CarrollFarm took one of mine - the way people drive around horse trailers. I already did a whole blog on that one!

#3 - Liars and hypocrites. Especially people who do it to their own family. Especially because both my husband and I have been victims of yes, our own so-called families... very sad. Very, very sad.

#4 - Anyone who abuses or neglects an animal... a child... their spouse... their parents. Geez I guess I could go on and on here but you get the idea.

#5 - Public places that have a TV blaring in their waiting room. I know we are few but there ARE actually people on the earth that are not interested in that crap. Like me. And I can't concentrate quitely on my book with that irritating noise...

#6 - oh wait. I'm only allowed 5. But I'm not done yet! Hhmmm, since I got tagged twice, can I do this twice???

Most of the people on my blog list have already been tagged, so I'm tagging Donia my new mini donkey friend at


Carroll Farm said...

I feel you on the family one. We have had that happen to us with a family member and the relationship hasn't been the same since. Family shouldn't lie or screw each other over, no one should but especally family. We obviously agree on the abusing kids thing since we take in kids that have had than done to them.

debby said...

Groan. I made my list...but now that I'm reading everyone else's pet peeves, why, I think I need to redo my list. Families would definately be on the list. And the automated phone solicitation....I forgot that one...yeah. It would be at the top of the list.