Friday, February 22, 2008

Hannah's Pup (Day 10)

Well today is actually Day 11 but I had already blogged yesterday and then I took more pictures of the pup, so here they are:

Isn't he getting big!?!
Darci can't stay away
His eyes are starting to open!
Pup and his papa Zacchaeus
Great squint! Darn flash...
Can't you just hear Hannah asking me to get her baby back from Randy?
Hilary taking pictures
Zacchaeus making sure Darci doesn't get too excited...
Worn out by all the excitement
See Darci, he's ok!

Randy was holding the pup last night and petting him with one finger, tickling his belly to make his little leg scratch, it was so cute. Something occurred to me and I said to him, "You've never had a puppy before, have you?" He said "Ahgee was the closest" but of course that was 13-14 years ago and Ahgee was already weaned, so about 2 months, when they got him. We did have Chloe's pups about 4 years ago but that was before the PTSD diagnosis and meds so his attitude wasn't as good back then and he didn't get involved as his main concern was that we find homes for them elsewhere (well, you can't really blame him, we did have four kids clamoring to keep a puppy - and they each wanted a different one!) Anyway Randy has never really dealt with a newborn pup like this. I get a real kick out of watching him. And oh boy, yes he does read my blog...


debby said...

Puppies are perfect stress busters!

Mikey said...

Awww, he's so cute!! I can't believe Randy hasn't had a puppy in years. He's a big teddy bear isn't he?
I'll try to control myself next time I see him. I want to squeeze his face and go "awwwww"
Men are funny creatures...