Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OK I Am Amazed!

Today was a long day for Darci and Hannah.

See it's Wednesday so after work I go to my Midweek Fellowship. I do not go home after work, it's the wrong direction.

Generally Hilary is home every Wednesday to feed, since Lindsey works every Wednesday. However yesterday Hilary had her car taken away... long story! And I'm sure she wouldn't want me to tell it!

I had already made arrangements to visit my friend K, the one with cancer that I talked about not long ago, and I wasn't going to disappoint her.

Hilary did manage to talk her dad into bringing her out to feed, so at least I didn't have that chore awaiting me at 9:30pm... but since she didn't drive, she didn't bring her keys. And the outside key was not where it was supposed to be, so she couldn't get in the house to let Darci and Hannah out. Which means my poor girls were in their respective pen and crate from before 7am to after 9:30 tonight.

And even after 4+ hours, neither one of them had a wet spot on their potty pads. Wow. I just couldn't believe it! There is no way I could do that, not even close... They were sure happy to see me!

Sure made me think about changes I might have to make once the girls are gone for good... I sure do depend on them to help out!

Weird subject I know but hey - I am AMAZED!!!!!

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