Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Soapbox: Keep Your Butt(s) To Yourself!

Liz - Life in the Great Northwest - did a blog a while back on this topic and boy did it hit home with me. She wrote very eloquently about the subject. It has been a few weeks since I read that blog and I did not go back and look at it again so IF I say anything here that she said, I apologize in advance, I don't mean to copy... it's simply because I feel the exact same way...

I am constantly picking cigarette butts up off my driveway, outside my fence and yes all over my yard. Several of my upwind neighbors smoke so I can't pick on anyone in particular. Plus we live on a 55-mile-an-hour road that is quite busy at times so it's entirely possible that passers-by are flicking them out their windows.


I would rather pick up dog poop than cigarette butts. Of course I do have a rake for the dog poop - the butts of course must be picked up by two fingers because they are so small.

That's NASTY!!!!!

{hear the inflection the way my daughter says this - "that's naaaasty"}

I can't walk through a parking lot or cross the street anywhere without seeing at least one. Smoking is a disgusting habit to begin with and I can only thank God that I never got started on it, I know it's also a very hard habit to quit.

But geez people, grind your butts and put them in the trash or your ashtray - not in my world!

GGRRRR again!

{To those of you who already do this, please understand this is not aimed at you. And thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!}

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