Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thanks to Randy, I'm Amazing Too!

So yeah, I weld. I’m not like professional or anything but I can get the job done. I even welded a fence panel that was breaking once. It didn't look very good but hey, it held together! This post will be mostly pictures of some of the things we both have done, because we are a team. In the beginning I would have the idea and Randy would make it reality. Then he started teaching me to make my own reality…




I really like doing the butterflies in case you can't tell by how many pictures I have of them!
We also made salt lick holders - they work much better than the storebought ones, they do not bend even under a horse's itchy butt and they don't get knocked off the fence either! I need to do a couple more but we have them in almost every pen now.

We have made halter/bridle racks for the big horses, halter racks for the minis:

We made towel hooks for our bathrooms, candle holders, napkin holders... and when I said to Randy that I wanted to make little horses out of horseshoes, he helped me design and built those as well. Some of these items you can see under the fundraising button on our seriously outdated website http://www.paintedpromise.com/ but since I can't find the pictures of them on the computer, at least you can go look there.

I even started trellis on the back porch where the wood has rotted off, eventually I hope to have the whole porch done that way.
And if you like what you see, we do take orders :) and you don't have to live close, the butterflies fit great in the USPS flat rate box and even the flowers can be shipped thanks to UPS golf club boxes - who'd a thunk?!?

All proceeds go to feed and vet bills for the rescues, so order away!


Carroll Farm said...

Hey those are cool. How much are the salt block holers. I need like 8 of them . Let me know how much and i will place an order. Talk to you soon I will help the minis.

Kris said...

You go girl! WOW! How cool is that. I can say I have never done that! Do you have pics of the horses out of horseshoes? Also the salt block holders-how much, I really need one of those!
Thanks for sharing your talent with us!