Monday, February 4, 2008


OK I know I already posted today. This is NOT going to be a regular occurrence. One a day is sometimes almost more than I can do... but so far so good!

Anyhow thanks to Mikey The Horseshoeing Housewife, I spent the morning with an absolutely wonderful lady and a horse named Argus. I spent a lot of it wiping tears away so I wouldn't mess up my mascara. After all I am at work - geez! Of course I immediately added this blog to my growing list of links... you have got to go check out Saving Argus!

So why is this blog called Memories? Because while we have been fortunate to date in our rescue efforts not to encounter an animal as bad off as Argus, we have had some with stories as well.

Little Miss Maggie... kids threw rocks at her and her mom for 3 years and the owners would not move their pen. She is now in sanctuary at our ranch and will never leave. We have worked and worked with her and she is much better, but she will never be normal... however she is safe here and we love her for what she is!

Willow who was severely underweight... wish I hadn't lost my before and after pics of that girl!

Banjo and Dream... rescued before being loaded onto the kill truck... and this after being trailered pretty much all the way across the country through auction after auction, Banjo with vision issues and Dream with an untreated laceration.

Teddy... partially blind and terrified of what he couldn't see.

Trace... scared to death, healing leg wounds.

Rosie... overweight and improperly cared for founder.

Savant... horribly overweight, broken crest.

Bella, Tomahawk, Tad, Holly, Foxy, Flame, Ginger and her son Taz, Harley, Lace, Betsy, Jasper and Nuggett, Chiquita... they all have a story.

And always, always Wilbur... who touched my soul.

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kdwhorses said...

I read that story about Argus, wow! I can not believe anyone would do that. Good job on rescuing the horses. When we bought hubby's horse I believe he had been hit in the head, he was very head shy. After alot to time and patience I can now touch his face, clip him and hug on him. He is still head shy with others, but we are getting there. Will be checking by in!