Monday, February 25, 2008

One Of Those Days

Yup. Today was ONE OF THOSE DAYS. You know, the ones that are just not so good, but there's not one big thing that you can point to that made it a bad day - just a lot of little things.

Today - work sucked. Bad. Not one thing did I start that got finished without at least one interruption. And? I'm doing not only MY job, but a good part of someone else's too. Don't you think if I am doing part of that person's job, I should get part of that person's paycheck? Makes sense to me anyway. Or perhaps the extremely wealthy client whose extremely complicated paperwork I am slaving over could add my name to the list of people who are getting $250,000 each. I'd take that...

And I pinched something in my back. No matter how I sit or stand it hurts. And I've been trying to stretch it out to no avail. Randy even tried to crack me but so far no relief. Lindsey has a similar ache so in a bit we will mutual massage and see if that helps. If it isn't markedly better by bedtime, I will be thanking God for Vicodin!

To make things worse, I got home, changed clothes and went straight out to cuddle with Dillon. He always makes me feel better. And today he was just not in the mood. So I thought I would try Clementine and she wasn't in the mood either. Which was making my day go from bad to worse so I gave up and went for the wheelbarrow to clean the stalls I didn't do this morning. Otherwise there is double tomorrow morning. And I know I will NOT be in the mood...

Lindsey and friend Tasjja were going for a quick ride before feeding so I horned in, took Katie out for the first time since she fell. Her gash is almost healed and I want to start working her back into shape slowly. A short walk was a good start. At least that cheered me up a little :)

Well dinner is ready and I am going to spend a few minutes with Randy before he heads to Tucson. He has to work there until Thursday. You've heard of football widows? This week I will be a SAN Plumbing Supply widow - lol. Not.

And yesterday was such a good day!


Kris said...

Sorry you are having a bad day! (((hugs))) Back pain is no fun, but I have and use a great chircopractor! Hope your week picks up!

debby said...

Sometimes you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug.

Sorry life sucks.
The one thing you can count on is that tomorrow is a different day.