Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Busy Sunday

I come home at 11pm last night and see something in my headlights... What? What is this? DONUTS in my yard????? Who would do such a thing? (picture taken today in the daylight so it would show up)
Apparently while I was riding yesterday Randy and Alex spent much of the day working on the ProHauler to get it to go faster (and we need this WHY?)

Getting home so late I slept in till 8, got up and fed, had breakfast, then back out for chores. Cleaned some pens...
Betty Lou checking my work
Moses is so fuzzy!
Made a quick trip to Serenity Farms in Wickenburg for some hay this morning (please don't rain until it gets put into the hay barn!)
Back home for a quick lunch to find Randy and Alex STILL working on the ProHauler to make it go faster - so he can go and do donuts ACROSS THE STREET and not in my yard!!!!!
Then we were meeting up with some friends to help us move roof panels... Rose met us at the house and got a quick tour of the minis, then we met Kristy and Lisa at Mark's and the 7 of us made short work of dismantling 3 horse shades and leaving 1 at Lisa's next door, dropping one at Mary's on the way home (poor Mary was going to help too but ended up sick in bed), and bringing the last one home (forgot to take the camera along) Back home to clean more pens...
My camera must be getting low on battery, when I started to take this picture there were 7 dogs, not just 4, in my "star"
aawwww, Ozzie!
Grace was really getting into relaxing...
Darci thought she was really something chasing Ozzie!
Tried to get a picture of Skeye, Luna and Katie who were all laying down, before the camera battery wound up Fred had decided to come and pick on Luna, standing right in front of Katie, and Skeye got up and left.
Luna gets tired of that real quick!
What is this? 3 big gray donkeys... where is Clementine?
Found her halfway across the pen snoozing... and mama didn't even care!
Clementine's new human daddy came to see her and Fred again today and brought her new human brother to meet them (mom had to work). He was pleasantly surprised to find that she was much friendlier in just a week. In fact he was scratching her and stopped, and just like a dog will do, she pushed back under his hand for more. I told him that his new full-time position was "donkey scratcher"!

Then ran over to CarrollFarm today to pick up a trailer and got to see the baby goats... this is Chloe who looks a lot like my first goat Heidi
And this is the CarrollFarm mini horse. He would like a companion if anyone local knows of a little girl for sale...
Then back to the ranch to - guess what - clean more pens... while Alex and Randy loaded the tractor so we could drop it off in town for repairs on the way to take Alex back, and grab a bite to eat (nothing like a Lenny's burger, yum yum!)

While we were gone, Lindsey got a cute shot of Hannah's pup
Halfway home the fuel lights comes on in the truck so we stop for diesel at Fry's and I run in to get a couple of things. The truck starts fine at the gas pump but 5 minutes later we come out of the store and it won't start to go home {sigh} so we get a jump and that was our LONG and busy day!


BrownEyedCowgirls said...

I have a girl who would love to come live with you. But, she is very expensive and comes with a lot of baggage - a strawberry roan paint, a blue roan QH, a black and white cat, a black and white pony.... and regular visitation from her momma. LOL
PS - she makes up for it by being a really good pooper-scooper.

debby said...

Okay, those little donkeys are so dang cute that I am seriously considering volunteering my services as a full time pooper scooper just for the opportunity to play with them.

Their fuzzy little heads make them look like disco divas from the 80s.

Carroll Farm said...

Wow I thought that we had crazy days! CUTE GOAT! She is such a sweetie...

Jen said...

I wanna hang out with Grace. She's my kind people. "Grace we need to hook, me and a nice patch of sunshine for snoozin".... ;-)