Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Virtually Critterless Day

This is weird for me but it is happening about once a week now. Wednesdays are becoming my virtually critterless days. Generally I feed every morning and the girls split the evening feedings based on their schedules. Lately they have both been gone so much I am doing a lot of the evening feedings on top of mornings. This semester Lindsey has no school on Monday and Wednesday so I started sleeping an extra hour and she feeds. After work on Wednesday I have 2 hours before Midweek Fellowship, not enough time to go home, but plenty for a few errands and a quick bite, or for Randy and I to have a nice dinner together if we have no errands and both get off work on time (translate RANDY gets off work in time). Hilary made sure to request every Wednesday night off work so she can be home to feed while I go to Midweek Fellowship.

But this means that other than a few minutes with Darci and Hannah in the morning, and again a few minutes before bed with whatever dogs greet me at the gate or are inside for the night, I don't get time with my critter kids.

And that's a lot harder on me than I thought it would be!


Kris said...

No critters! :( But what a great way for you both to get some much deserved time together!

debby said...

Susan, isn't Randy your favorite critter?