Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wickenburg Gold Rush Days Parade

Yesterday Dillon and I were in the Wickenburg Gold Rush Days Parade with the Arizona Desert Riders. Long story short there was no Wickenburg Ride this year for the club, but we still did the parade... it was our 29th annual! I think this was also the smallest group the club had in the parade since I joined about 10 years ago. The theme of the parade this year was "Ranchers, Miners, Railroads and Gold".

I parked at the "end" of the parade and Dillon and I started walking to the beginning to meet up with everyone. We quickly decided to hitchhike as it was a pretty long walk, and we were just going to have to turn around and do it again.

Jeff and his wife were nice enough to pick us up!
Carol and her horse Ben wore our number and lead the group.
Sheryl and daughter KatieTrish the Indian Maiden
Last November one of our members passed away suddenly of a heart attack. Ray's wife wanted this parade to be a memorial to him and we all thought that was a great idea.
Ray loved to pack so our friend Cyndi walked Traveler, Ray's mule
We also lost another long-time member and friend in January, so the memorial was expanded. Ray's wife Marguerite with the two memorial horses
In memory of Howard
In memory of Ray
Carl & Margi and their grandsons
Curtis on his new mule Lonesome - nice spots!
And Dillon, who was of course the star of the show!
Me and Dillon, all dressed up.

A couple of Dillon's admirers. The one in the red shirt (holding the lead rope) did NOT want to move on...
This is the first time I did not RIDE this parade. And it was sure a lot longer than all the other years, even though it took the same route... and with Dillon along, we must have heard the word cute about 100 times and adorable about 50... he actually prefers to be called handsome, but he let it slide in honor the occasion.

Dillon was quite happy to get his a$$ back in the trailer to the rest of his breakfast and a bucket of water. I thought we might be stuck there due to stupid people parking too close, but a nice man watched my corners and we did, just BARELY, squeeze through and get out of the parking lot.

Dillon was even happier to get his a$$ out of the trailer at home and back to his girlfriends.

As for me, I planted MY a$$ in the recliner and promptly fell asleep!


noehenry said...

OMG that was soo....cute, adorable, and HANDSOME :)
LOVE the tribute idea!!

Kris said...

You all looked great! Thanks for sharing the photos, what a great tribute to there lost ones.

debby said...

I was just looking at Mikey's pictures. Looks like great fun. Tell Dillon he's handsome. I find it a bit ironic. I have a son named Dylan. Sometimes he's an ass. In a good way. Like your Dillon.

Mikey said...

Oh those are so good! I almost missed them, I was blinded by your babies.
You and Dillon are so great together. We were so excited to see you!
I was also psyched to see Lonesome the mule!! I heard Carl had bought him, but it's so great to see his grandson riding him. I had to call Wade and tell him to tell Leland. That's just fantastic!
Thanks girl, you do a good job!