Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Amazing Man (Part Two)

So here’s the big horse trailer I was talking about:

The whole inside of the thing used to look like this:

We put in a divider wall, with a door:

And built out the front part for us. On the left here you see the inside of the door into the horse part, and the closet in the middle, and on the right the beginning of the shelves and bench.
This is looking in through the door, again the shelves (above) and the bench. Randy built all the frames out of angle iron, used corrugated metal for the roof and to build out the bench storage, and sheets of wood made to look like individual pieces for the walls.
This is the bed, with shelves on either side. As you can see we haven't finished the corners yet, but we do have the insulation in and boy does it help keep us warm when we camp in the mountains!

I also learned early on not to complain about the “junk” Randy drags home. Sometimes it sits quite a while, but eventually the things that to most people would be useless junk are either used to make something we need, or sold to someone else who recognizes the potential, or traded for something we need. His projects take a back seat quite often while he takes care of me. He’s fixed me up with a golf cart and trailer so I can feed without carrying all the hay and buckets etc. He’s built me a hay barn, repaired and put up a pellet dispenser, and had a container hauled in to be my tack room/barn.

He’s got most of the horse pens rigged with automatic water, and we’re gathering what we need to finish the rest.

He made an outdoor firepit thingy too, to sit around on cold nights.

He’s made me a lot of cool stuff out of old horseshoes and then, when my ideas got as crazy as his do, he taught me to weld so I could make my own cool stuff. But that’s a post all on its own… (I promise Debby, SOON!)


Mikey said...

He is a very handy man. And he taught you to weld! Even handier!
btw, couple of your kids are on my blog post today! They are so dang cute. They all got kisses too, cept the lil one. She didn't get close to us for that...

Kris said...

Wow, what a great and handy man! If he ever runs out of things at your house, by all means come on down to Texas and I can hook you up with things to do!

PaintedPromise said...

nice try Kris... but i think i can keep him plenty busy all by myself! i can just see his face if i tried to send him somewhere else for MORE projects...

Jen said...

wow...can i borrow him?