Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hannah's Pup (Day 4)

Here's an update on the pup. He's still not doing much but eating and sleeping, but he does squirm around quite a bit. And he's starting to get noisy! He's not afraid to say he wants something... although we're not sure what exactly it is (probably mama's milk at this point).

I'm amazed at how much bigger he is already...

(this was Day 1, remember?)
and he is getting his tan markings, they actually started showing up by Day 2!
Hannah is still very protective. In fact the only way to get her to come out of the crate to go outside for a few minutes, is to pick up the pup and bring him out, then she comes out and we grab her, then we put the pup back in the crate and carry his mama outside. But if anyone opens the door, watch out - she's back in the house like a shot!
Darci is very excited to meet the new arrival!

I got home too late for pictures outside, but Clementine is back to normal after her small adventure yesterday. Somehow she got her little nose where it wasn't supposed to be, and got stung or bit by something. Lindsey called to say that although the baby seemed to be breathing and nursing okay, her little muzzle was all swollen up, so I had Linz give her a benadryl. The swelling started going down almost immediately but she still had a puffy spot under her chin when I got home last night. So I was quite relieved to see that sweet little face back to normal today! I did let her and her mama out of the foaling pen for a few minutes today and she enjoyed stretchigg her legs, and visiting with her aunts Mary Ellen and Ellie Mae. They are so intrigued! I will get some more pictures this weekend...

It's incredible to watch the parallels - Hannah and Susie Q being so protective of their new little ones, Darci and the other donkeys so curious, and although the pup is quite a bit behind Clementine, I am sure that in a couple of weeks he will be exploring just as avidly as she is!


Mikey said...

You know I thought Clementine looked a lil swollen when I was there (must have just started) but I didn't dare go in there with Mama. I thought it was just fur :)
The pup is adorable, can't wait till it's up and running around :) Tooo cute!

Kris said...

Too cute! All the little babies!