Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Abner and Mephibosheth

Got home last night in time to get some better pictures of the new boys.
This is Abner

And this is Mephibosheth. Yup I finally got the name down so guess what, it's gonna stay. Although we will be calling him "Seth" for short so that any potential adopters won't be frightened off by an unpronounceable name lol.

Aren't they cute... come on Deb you KNOW you really really want a donkey. They are GREAT therapy for cancer survivors ;) Now, how to get them there... HHMMMMMM...

Just to give you an idea of HOW friendly they are, I was almost RUNNING backwards trying to get this shot, and still couldn't get very far away!

All four of Abner's lower legs are like this :( not sure what it is yet but we have treated this type of thing before with a bleach and water solution so that's where we are starting. Our Little Miss Maggie had it on her face and another rescue pony had it on her legs... if that doesn't work we will try some medicinal spray next.

This is what your donkey's feet should NOT look like!

Here are Abner's front feet as comparison...

I sent these pics to Mikey and being the great person she is, she and Wade are going to donate Seth's farrier care including a vet visit for x-rays - THANKS MIKEY :) She said they see a lot of donkeys like this and no one seems to know WHY... I am pretty sure he cannot be "fixed" but hopefully we can come up with a plan to keep him comfortable and perhaps information gleaned from his care can benefit another donkey someday...

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CTG Ponies said...

Kudos to Mikey and Wade for donating their services! Medicated Gold Bond powder may work on the scruff on the legs. It works really well for rain rot and it's cheap.