Friday, April 10, 2009

Club Foot Update on Seth

Thanks again to Mikey and Wade, Fearless Farrier Service, for sponsoring Mephibosheth "Seth" - Randy called on his way home from taking both boys up to the vet (Abner went along to keep Seth company and to get an age guesstimate) and we got some pretty good news. The clubfoot is caused by a shortened tendon, could have been fixed by surgery at an early age but at this point since it doesn't seem to bother him - he doesn't even limp! - it's best to just leave it be. The best part is there is NO bone problem - cannon and coffin bones are in perfect shape - so with regular trimmings he should be just fine.

Check out the x-rays Mikey sent me:

{notice the name on the x-ray}

Mikey and I had the following e-mail conversation:

Mikey: Here's the pics! Thank you so much for bringing the donkey up (thank you Randy!) and Doc said yes, contracted deep flexor tendon, but it's not bad at all and we're on the right track trimming him. Wade is anyway :) Doc said there's a bit of rotation, but not too bad at all.
So there you have it! I'm going to post it on our Fearless site, and probably the blog too, so people can see what's going on in a foot that looks like that.
Thanks again so much!!!

Me: wow cool! can i put them on my blog too? or are they copyrighted? and geez "Donkey Morgan"??????? you crack me up.

Mikey: Hey, it was a super busy day. Which one was that? Cause if it was Mephositio or whatever, you cannot expect me to spell that!! lol!! No, please feel free to put them up, they are interesting to look at. I love a peek at bones!

Me: i am falling of my chair here... Mephibosheth. Please. it's not that hard. it only took me THREE DAYS to be able to say it without looking at it... and FIVE DAYS to be able to spell it. however if you had asked Randy he would have told you "Seth" which is his "barn name" lol - i am afraid that no one will adopt him because they can't say or spell his name! actually seriously i do have a girl interested in him, she fell in love with his sweet face and doesn't care about his hoof, she says her mom's horse has needy feet too lol. you are SO getting quoted in my blog!!!!!

Mikey: Lol, I wrote it down! I do apologize, but dang, that's a mouthful. Seth, I like that better :)

Me: ok you wrote it down - COPIED it! but can you SAY it? huh? huh?

Mikey: Oh hell no! WAY beyond me! You will have to say it for me next time I see you :) it's the sheth part I have trouble with. I'm lisping! On purpose! lol

Anyway, good news so YAY!!!! And keep a good thought for the boys, although I hate to separate them I have two possible homes (both with other donkeys already there) so if all goes well they will both have their own families very soon!


Mikey said...

Lol, oh boy. From now on it's SETH!

Little House in the Desert said...

Oh my goodness--I am laughing so hard tears are coming out!!! The email conversation is so funny--especially the "lisping on purpose" part--I just about died! I hear you on that one! I don't know what we were thinking when we named the donkey Mephibosheth! lol! And I just want to say I am so impressed with what you are doing with them--everything from the x-rays to the trimming--that is so awesome. We miss them but I am so glad to see they are going to be going to a great home. And they are so sweet, arn't they!?
I hope so very much you will be able to find them wonderful forever homes (despite the name! lol!) Your blog is so much fun to read--thanks for all the updates!-P.A.