Saturday, April 4, 2009

Riding in the Santa Ritas

Wow nasty headwinds last night meant a 6-hour drive so we pulled into camp at 9pm to find everyone had gone to bed already!
In the morning we found we had quite the nice campsite...

The first half hour or so of the ride, I was sure Luna was going to kill me. The only trouble I've had with her so far was the ride I loaned out my other two horses, and she didn't want any strangers anywhere near them. Thought she would be ok without them but 6 hours in the trailer with my friend's horse and OMG she bonded with Lady! And proceeded to pitch fits whenever anyone else got near HER this morning... but I am very proud of myself. She did NOT get me off... and she did NOT get me to say anything worse than "dammit" which is quite the accomplishment for me!!! I'm still not sure WHY she quit throwing fits - whether I wore her out, or she wore herself out, or decided she wasn't going to win, or if it was putting Lady behind her instead of in front of her, but she DID quit and we had a fabulous ride after that. I'm really quite proud of my girl, and all the work I did with her before sending her for training, and the work the trainer did. Once we work through these hissy fits/herdbound issues, she really is a very good and very safe trail horse! I didn't think I was going to get any pictures but here is a Luna earcam to prove she did calm down and behave!

At the lunch stop there were some pretty cool trees...

Guess who climbed that big @$$ tree???????

And it had a swing too!

Later at Kentucky Camp we happened upon an interesting sign...

Getting close enough to read was sure good for a laugh!

We were glad to have a nice day for riding after the stories we heard of the wind on Friday, but once we were back the wind started kicking up again...
Even with my lapwarmers it was darn cold once the sun went down!

A great pot luck and a couple sips off someone's flask finished off the night. Thanks to Luna, I hurt in places I forgot I had... but I will sleep good tonight if I don't move!

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