Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alaska Rescue Update

Got an e-mail from the gal in Alaska, they finally found a trailer and had it shipped in, and had it filled with hay before shipping, so they have plenty of hay now for a while and the locals were upset to think the 4 boys were leaving so they may actually end up staying... if not, there are two possible homes lined up in the northwest which would mean they don't have to make the looooooong trip down to our place. I'm so happy things seem to be working out for those boys!

Other than that it was just a day. No pictures but got home from work to have a nice ride on Luna, feed everybody and play with the puppies for a bit... they are getting so cute!!! As much as I wish I could be home and not have to go to work, I am very thankful to have a job... please keep the prayers coming for Randy, it's an extremely frustrating time for him!

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