Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Charlie!

Well Mikey may already have met Charlie... I know that Wade has! Yes that is a halter and catch rope on him. Poor Charlie was a roping donkey :( until a nice lady got him last summer in Idaho. She brought him "home" to Wickenburg and although he has come a long way in the time she has had him, he has not come far enough for her to risk her own health trying to load him and take him back up for the summer with her... she is almost 70 and Charlie does NOT lead! In fact Charlie probably doesn't even CATCH unless you have at least two people... the weird thing is, Charlie DOES load easily into the trailer - IF you can get him close to it!

So Charlie came to live at Painted Promise Ranch this morning, and we hope to teach him that not everybody ropes! I'd love to be able to take that catch rope off of him and find him a forever home...


Pony Girl said...

Aw, what a cutie! He really looks like he needs a good hand...and a new career, for sure! ;)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Man, we have the same "leading" problem with our donk. She was used as a roping donkey for a little while, but was also broke to ride and used to move out pretty good. The last few years, forget it. You can jump on her in the pasture with nothing on her and she won't move. She will follow you anywhere, if you stroke her ears though.;)

Mikey said...

this made me lean back and say OH SH*T, lol. I can't believe you.
Can I be around when you try to pick up his feet? *big grin*
I have met Charlie and he was ornery! You be careful with that one, ok?
BTW, did you see the Nebraska 200 has several donks in there?
They're over here