Sunday, April 12, 2009

Woo Hoo - The Orphan Is Adopted!

Busy busy day but after Easter dinner we made time to go by and see the little orphan... she was still quite confused, after being bottle fed for a day she "forgot" that milk comes from a mama horse and kept looking for people when she was hungry. The mare was growing more and more attached - no more threatening to kick, and quite watchful over the filly - but still no luck with the nursing.

Took a couple of pictures of "JoJo" and grandpa Delvin:

And this is Blue Bell, whose foal was stillborn:

Got some video too...

We called Soleil while we were there and asked her to talk to them both, basic response was the mare knows what do to and will do it if the people will just get out of the way, and the filly is just very confused... so we talked the people into leaving them be for a while, watching from a distance, not feeding immediately when the filly was hungry... and after we got home, we got a call that they DID figure things out and JoJo is now nursing from Blue Bell! So the owners (Dan and Mary) can get some sleep now, and Delvin and I are both quite relieved... After all, this is Luna's little half-sister, so I'm kinda related!!!

What a Happy Easter!!!

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Pony Girl said...

What good news! Amazing how mother nature works, and that the orphan was able to find a mother! Your new little donkeys are so cute, too! ;)