Saturday, April 11, 2009

The New Girls - And An Orphan Filly!

Today I picked up my two new girls. Further proof of my insanity is, it was pouring rain, and rather than calling to reschedule, I went anyway. But the rain stopped while I was there so that was a help... and since it was supposed to continue all day, I figured I'd better get it done before things got REALLY muddy... Aren't they cute???

That's 4-year-old Josey on the left with the dark muzzle, and 14-year-old Milly on the right with the light muzzle...

Gotta give them middle names though, so they fit in ;) - since their former human mom's name is Mary Jo, I'm thinking Milly Jo and Josey Mae... Dillon got them both in his "harem" because they were hardshipped into the registry which means no history. Since my Wiley was also hardshipped, that would mean no history on the babies at all, and Dillon has history as far back as there is room on the registration paper... so it makes sense to me, but Wiley was quite miffed.

now that I've learned to video and youtube, you can see what I mean...

Milly had just "come in" the night before so it's quite possible we already have another foal on the way for next year {big grin} - that Dillon, he doesn't waste any time!

Also got a call from my friend Delvin, who owns Luna's sire... one of her little half sisters just lost her mama at 2 days old, and he was looking for ideas. I posted on AZBCR and sent out a bunch of e-mails and actually found a mare! So Delvin is on his way to pick up Blue Bell and see if she will adopt our little orphan... prayers please!

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