Saturday, April 25, 2009

Frazier Horse Camp

Today we took a drive up to Tonto Basin to visit my dad and his wife Norma. We had a really nice visit and I got to learn some things about my ancestors as Norma is doing our family tree. Plus I got to go through half a box of the two big boxes of pictures my grandma left... so yes we will be making another trip {AT LEAST} to go through the rest of them...

We had another purpose to our visit as well and that was to check out the Frazier Horse Camp. We had actually planned a ride there THIS WEEKEND only to call and find out they don't take reservations. What? Yup you heard me right - THEY DON'T TAKE RESERVATIONS! Well I for one am not going to drive 2+ hours with my horse in the trailer hoping there is an empty spot when I get there! Especially when the camp only has seven spots!!!

I found this very interesting... see the second paragraph?
In case you can't make it out, it says: "From October 1 to April 30 Frazier CG is open to users with horses only..."

OK today is still only April 25th and what do I see?

Gee, an RV - and NO HORSES!

Gee, an RV - and NO HORSES! (Do I hear an echo???)

I see they can be used as overflow parking for the next spot over as well!

So if anyone else wants to call and question this policy...

Because we really really would like to PLAN a ride up here! The key word being... PLAN!!!

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Momma / Cowgirl said...

Does noone police the campgrounds? I have always wanted to go camping with the horses, but I am like you that I would not want to travel somewhere without a reservation.
happy horsin around.