Friday, April 24, 2009

Puppies Everywhere!

Because I like dogs, my little 4-year-old volunteer Ginger brought me this last night:

Isn't it adorable? It's a "cupcake critter" - and I guess they don't make them look like donkeys ;)

Thanks so much Ginger! I ate the back half last night... had to save that cute little face as long as possible!

Then I had promised more pics and vids of the pups so I did that last night. All I can say is, it's a good thing I do NOT make my living as a videographer lol.

And some still shots...

Ty curled up with Darci's pups

The little girl

The little boy

Ok so I did NOT take this one... probably why it turned out so good ;)


Ty "babysitting" lol

Family portrait!

And another including Ty

I just can't seem to get a GOOD shot of this little guy, he is WAY more adorable in person... or would that be, in pupson?

Caught him in a yawn though!

And the little girl climbing mount shin!

Exploring the knee while Ty chews on her...

Darci is doing her best to ignore "the kids" playing

Passed out again...


Carroll Farm said...

Hey susan needed to get a hold of your email. Can you send it to me my new one is Thanks Josh

Mikey said...

They are totally adorable!!! Sooo tiny!

kdwhorses said...

Too cute!

Lisascraftroom said...

OMG~~ I have missed a lot! So much has been going on that its a maricle I get to my own blog to update. I didn't even know you bred her and that she had pups! Wow one of these times we may have to get a pup but, not until at least 1 of our passes away. Anyhow super cute. We miss you all!!